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Electronic Delivery of your Insurance Policy

Whether or not you have already received any of your policies via email in recent years, you will see more and more of your insurance documents delivered electronically, in most cases in a PDF file format. As insurance companies update their policy delivery procedures, they are updating their technology so that policies are delivered electronically and most have already implemented this. There are several different methods of electronic delivery and the best news is you are getting your policy faster than ever. READ MORE

Use Technology to Make a Home Inventory

We purchase insurance to protect us from what might happen. Hopefully we go through life, never having to make a claim against our homeowner’s or auto insurance policies. We know that the monthly or annual fee is in our best interest, even as we hope to never need its services. Taking home inventory should be just as important. This worthwhile task is yet another method of protecting ourselves against something that may never happen, but could. Yet few people place as much importance on taking home inventory as they do on increasing their homeowner’s policy coverage. While most insurance agents inform their clients about the significance of taking home inventory, it is rarely performed. Homeowners may put the task on their to-do lists, but as time goes by, and their busy lives take priority, it simply never gets accomplished. The result can be a very expensive one indeed. READ MORE

Advantages of Home Automation Systems

Although many people have heard the term home automation, few understand what it is. Automating a home involves multiple installations of modern devices that control various functions. While most people feel that something should not be fixed unless it is broken, it is best to keep in mind that this is just a beneficial enhancement. Automating a home results in several advantages, which are included in the following points. READ MORE