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Worksite Safety Is a Top-Down Process

Most safety programs found on construction sites focus on worker buy-in to accomplish safety objectives and create a safer work environment. The typical methods employed have been to train and re-train workers, provide incentives for achieving safety goals, develop disciplinary consequences for failure to comply and monitor the success or failure of the safety program by auditing worker performance. While this methodology provides some measure of success, ultimately, it will reach a point of diminishing returns. READ MORE

Employee Drug Testing: Effective Tool Despite Legal Pitfalls

Drugs and the workplace are clearly a negative combination.  Employers may not only be liable for the negligence of an employee under the influence of drugs but also for negligently hiring an employee with a history of abusing drugs.  Lowered productivity and higher absenteeism are just a few more reasons employers want to keep drugs out of their workplace.  Drug testing can be an effective way to do just that.  READ MORE

Understanding Enterprise Risk Management as an Approach to Manage and Capitalize on Risks

The concept of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has received increased attention in recent years as a fundamental shift in the way companies approach risk.  ERM is an all-encompassing approach to risk management and this can often make implementing ERM seem overwhelming.   To make the process more palatable, the Commission of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), a voluntary private-sector financial reporting organization, has released the first ERM framework. READ MORE